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Changshu Flex-Tek is a US wholly-owned enterprise established by Smiths Group in 2008. The company mainly provides various electric heating products and solutions, which are mainly used in medical equipment (including heating pipelines), laboratory equipment, electronic semiconductors, new energy batteries, 3D printers, industrial printing and drying, drone lens heating, de icing and defrosting heating, air detection and heating, compressed air heating and aircraft simulation, liquid heating hoses heating, and heating applications for various industrial products.

The company provides: resistance wire heating products, flexible thin film electric heating products, aviation and automotive pipeline systems, and liquid glue conveying heating pipeline products; Various high-temperature composite heating products combined with temperature control systems; Basically covering all heating product chains and providing fully customized products. Our clients include: HP, GE, LG, Flextronics, Samsung, Siemens, Thermo Fisher, Agilent, Aarhus, Gree, Haier, York, Ford, Great Wall, and nearly a hundred world-renowned enterprises.

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We provides various electric heating products and solutions, and can provide pre-sales technical consultation and solutions for users. Welcome to inquire by phone.